A Ghost Visits Me in My Dreams: I Think I Love Him

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & Researcher
For Ghost Hunter Apps

Alice W. recounts her experiences with a ghostly visitor from the 1930s or 1940s, who enters her dreams starting from when she was seventeen. These dreams, more vivid and complex than typical nightly visions, forge a deep, emotional connection with a young man from the past. Their interactions are filled with moments of joy and love, but are abruptly transformed by a tragic event within the dream, leading Alice to awaken with feelings of profound loss. Now in her thirties and still visited by these dreams, Alice seeks answers through spirit communication and research, driven by a desire to understand the connection that spans across time, and the possibility that love and relationships transcend the boundaries of life and death.

Entangled in a romance that whispers of mystery and echoes from a distant past, my journey began at the tender age of seventeen. It was then that a specter, a gentleman from the era of the 1930s or 1940s, first made his presence known to me under the cloak of night. Each visit was heralded by a peculiar feeling—an awareness of being observed, followed by his ethereal whispers that swept me away to a bygone time of distinct music and fashion.

This series of dreams transcended the ordinary, crafting a narrative of a young man whose essence bridged the chasm between yesteryear and my reality. Our encounters within these dreamscape meetings unfolded with a ritualistic consistency: his initial sorrow melting into a radiance of joy as our paths converged, igniting a connection that pulsed with comfort, warmth, and an uncanny sense of reality.

But it was the intimacy between us that painted our nocturnal rendezvous with shades of deep emotion and sensuality. As we drew closer, the space between us charged with a magnetic pull, our spirits entwined in a dance as old as time. His gaze, laden with a mix of longing and recognition, beckoned me into his arms, where I was enveloped in an embrace that spoke of protection, desire, and a love unfettered by the confines of mortality.

In these moments of closeness, our connection deepened, transcending the physical to touch the very essence of our beings. His lips found mine in a kiss that broke barriers, a tender yet passionate affirmation of a bond that seemed destined to outlast the ages. And yet, within this perfect tableau, a shadow loomed—a prelude to the tragedy that would soon unfold.

As our dreamt reality shattered with the shock of my unforeseen injury, the mirror's reflection revealed not myself but another—a woman from his time, bound to me through the threads of fate and a shard destiny. The ensuing heartache upon waking was a phantom pain, a longing for a love lost to time yet as palpable as if it were my own.

Now, navigating the complexities of my thirties, the dreams sporadically revisit, each time reigniting the quest for answers. My foray into spirit communication, leveraging tools like the SCD2 and Afterlife ITC, represents more than a search for clarity; it's a yearning to explore the depths of a connection that defies explanation. The presence of a crucifix necklace and a nurse's cap within these visions whispers secrets of past lives entwined, hinting at identities and stories interlaced with mine.

I am Alice W., standing at the threshold of an odyssey that weaves through the unseen and the eternal. This journey, fueled by the enigma of a ghostly romance, delves into the heart of love's timeless embrace, challenging the notion that perhaps, in some way, love can indeed transcend the barriers of time, death, and the unknown.

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